Laws of Elan
The Laws of the Kingdom of Elan

The Laws of Elan are hereby established by order of His Majesty King Killian SongShine. These absolute laws shall be binding in perpetuity for all Principalities, Duchies, Baronies, Fifes and Estates which reside within Elan proper or to which Elan extends its influence and protection thereunto (known as Protectorates). These laws are hereby decreed to be known as the HIGH CRIMES against the Kingdom of Elan. Anyone found guilty of a High Crime is to be marked with the High Crime Spirit Mark and so will be recognizable to all who see them. This Spirit Mark may not be removed on pain of Permanent Death.

Nobles ruling over individual Duchies, Baronies, Fifes and Estates are hereby granted right to create and enact their own additional laws, as long as they do not conflict with any higher law. The additional laws of Duchies as hereby decreed to be known as the LOW CRIMES and are not punishable for a sentence of death for the first offence. 

The attempt to commit a crime shall be prosecuted as if the crime had been successfully committed. Ignorance of the law is not a defense.

Judgment and sentencing are to be shouldered by the proper Noble authority of the lands in which the crime was committed. It is the duty and responsibility of the accused to gather any persons that might speak for them. If such witnesses are not present at the time of the trial, additional time need not be granted to summon them. Such witness may be disallowed if they are known to be disreputable or untrustworthy.

Once the trial has concluded and sentence pronounced, if the prisoner is found guilty, they are often allotted a specific amount of time (usually 30 minutes) to collect any monetary fines owed, return stolen properties, surrender to the authorities, and/or prepare for death (if so sentenced). Any prisoner that cannot pay a required fine must still surrender items of equivalent value of the fine (final arbitration lies with the presiding Noble). If the sentence for the crime includes death, then it is the Noble’s decision as to the manner of death to be dealt. The punishment of “death” requires that the spirit of the criminal dissipate and seek resurrection, not merely harm to the body of the criminal such that death occurs prior to them receiving a Life spell. 

The Noble may increase or decrease the sentence of a crime if they have cause to believe it is merited. These cases should be rare.

Formal charges against a Noble must be made by another Noble or Knight of equal station. Traditionally, a Noble is tried by their liege lord if such is possible though such a courtesy given to a Noble is not required by law. Arrest of a Noble must be ordered by a Noble or Knight of higher rank than the accused within the lands of Elan. Such trials are always private and not open to the public save whereas citizens are deemed witnesses.



HIGH CRIMES are those punishable by death and tried by someone of at least the rank of Baron.

1st offense 1 death
2nd offense 1 death; denial of citizenship rights
3rd offense 1 death; expulsion from the King's lands
4th offense + Obliteration


Anyone found guilty of a High Crime will be marked with the High Crime Spirit Mark and so will be recognizable to all who see them. This Spirit Mark may not be removed but must remain for one year on pain of Obliteration.   

 are those laws that are not punishable by death for the first offense and are tried by someone of at least the rank of Lord or Knight. 


1st offense 5 gold piece fine
2nd offense 10 gold piece fine
3rd offense 25 gold piece fine
4th offense 50 gold piece fine
5th offense 1 death after trial by Baron or above

These punishments are stardard guides and may be changed by the noble to another punishment more suiting the crime

High Crimes

Assassination includes the premeditated murder of another for a fee and/or the hiring of such assassins. It is thus treated as a more callous crime.

Willful disobedience of the legitimate authority or declarations by nobility giving lawful orders made for the benefit of the people and the support of the law

Falsely making any currency with the intent to defraud


Falsely making or materially altering by hand or otherwise, with intent to defraud, any document or symbol which if genuine would be of legal efficacy or foundation of a legal claim

The killing of another individual impulsively and without premeditation, with dissipation and resurrection, whether through one’s carelessness, reckless behavior, or willful inaction

Murder with Intent
The unlawful and premeditated killing of a sentient being

Necromancy with Reanimation
The use of any spell, ability or item that causes the creation or release of undead as well as the use of any spell, ability, or item that transforms a living being into undead

Pretending to a Noble Title (Impersonating a Noble)
The knowingly and falsely presenting oneself by document or statement to be of noble station

The unlawful holding in bondage of an individual or the willful trafficking, trade or sale of an individual against their will such that said individual shall have no freedom of action or choice and whose person  and services are under control of another in entirety

The communication or delivery (or attempts of such) of any document or information relating to the Kingdom’s defense to any foreign government, faction, or person who threatens the rule of the Crown.
Including attempting any form of criminal action against a noble, or rendering aid to a sworn enemy of Elan. Additionally, any crime which results in the death of a knight or noble of Élan 

Low Crimes


to willingly aid or assist in the commission of a crime by either action or inaction. Those fully aware of their participation in the unlawful act shall bear the criminal responsibility as if they were the sole participants of said crime. If the charge is in relation to actions against a Noble or to the Kingdom, a charge of Treason may be assessed.

 Aggravated Assault
Commission of Assault with the intent of committing additional crimes.

 Artificially Influencing Others
To prevent a sentient being from being able to form or express their own opinions or make their own decisions through use of magical or alchemical means.

Assault is the act of placing someone in fear of imminent physical harm. This threat must be immediate and real. Simply insulting someone or a vague threat is not assault, nor are gypsy curses, 
which while obnoxious and bothersome, do not rise to the level of “physical harm”.

The unlawful use of force or violence, constraint or mischief upon the person of another.

The unlawful entry into a building or other structure with the intent to commit Theft 

The knowingly and falsely presenting oneself by document or statement to be of noble station.

The practice of forcing a sentient victim to behave in an involuntary manner by means of action, inaction, use of threats, intimidation or some other form of pressure or force.

The unlawful possession, production, trade or use of any noted controlled substance is hereby illegal without proper licensure. This list is as follows: Chaos items (including potions), Enslavement poisons, Euphoria poisons, Forget-it-Well poisons, Forget-Me-Not poisons, Love poisons, LP9 poisons, & Obliteration Scrolls.

A combination or confederation between two or more willing persons for the purpose of committing by their joint efforts some criminal act or some act which is innocent in itself but becomes criminal when done by the concerted action of the conspirators. This crime may be waived by writ of the hand.

 Destruction of Property
The willful destruction or damage to any property of another or of the Kingdom or the destruction of one’s own property if it is done for some later benefit.

The unlawful gain of money, property or services from a person, people, entity, or institution, through Coercion.

 False Accusation
To bring charges of illegal activity by an individual or individuals without the proper evidence to support it.

 Fencing Stolen Goods
The sale or attempted sale of goods which are known to be stolen in expectation of monetary benefit or other compensation.

 Flight from Prosecution
Unlawful flight to avoid a trial or punishment for a crime.

Any deception, either by false statement, omission or distortion of fact, knowingly made with the intention to mislead or misrepresent to another information on which a reasonable person would rely to his or her detriment.

The forcible and unlawful abduction or confinement of an individual against their will.

The penning of knowingly false, misleading or malicious words concerning another whereby such statements injure their reputation.

 Mockery of a Noble Title
To deride, ridicule, or obviously and intentionally disrespect the personage, coat of arms or colors of an individual recognized as a noble in the Kingdom of Élan.

Necromancy (Chaos Magic)
The use of any spell, ability, cantrip, formal magic, or any method or item that calls upon chaos or causes a chaos effect.

Obstruction of Justice
The failure to report a crime is itself a crime.

To knowingly lie or make false or misleading statements to a Noble or Kingdom officer in the course of an official investigation or trial.

Possession of Stolen Property
The possession of goods which are known to be stolen, whether known or unknown to the possessor.

Reckless Endangerment
Risking the death of another under circumstances that show an extreme indifference to the value of life.

The speaking of knowingly false, misleading or malicious words concerning another whereby such statements injure their reputation.

Tax Evasion
To avoid the payment of taxes, fees, tolls, or other remuneration on income, property, goods and/or services to the rightful authorities.

The unauthorized taking, keeping or using of another's property by means of dishonesty and/or with the intent to permanently deprive the owner or the person with rightful possession of that property or its use.