Calisi Nobility

In an effort make the Elven duchies more consistent in organization with their human counterparts. The King reorganized the Houses shortly after reassuming the throne and returning much of his people to their elven heritage. To that end, the Houses were organized into 4 courts to coincide with the human Baronies. This allows the houses to be represented in the Council of Lords without upsetting the balance of representation.

During each of the seasons one of the courts will hold authority to act as representative of all the Elven Houses. Of that Court one will be determined to speak for the entire court in a role similar to Duke.

 * Denotes Court Representative

The Spring Court:

House Amarillis

Lord Arnersha

House Durothil

Lady Sehvin

House HawkSong

Lady Ruaor

House SilverSpear

Lord Rutril

House SkyDancer *

Lord Therdrim *



The Summer Court

House Aelorothi

Lord Erzair

House Ahmaquissar

Lady Tahlmusro

House Nierdre

Lord Amaevarah

House Rawedrimne

Lady Arnasnis

House Syvwaern

Lord Sumaias



The Autumn Court

House DarkVale

Lady Firruil

House Eroseth

Lord Solath

House Evanara

Lady Fislynaira

House Le'Quellan

Lady Tranin

House NightStar

Lord Amabrar



The Winter Court

House Alenuatha

Lord Soltenfel

House Korianthil

Lady Riden

House LightFoot

Lord Koehtiah

House NightShade

Lady Tyeraira

House Shaerla

Lady Nanalthas