Duchy of Trellear

The Duchy of Trellear is composed of four baronies. The first was StoneHelm, followed by Kilbar, MistDale and DrakeMyre. For a time Kilbar was renamed by DarkVale under the rule of Baron Silvas FireStar. When House DarkVale moved to Calisi the lands were named WestonShire. Following the War of the Necropolis, Westonshire was returned to the name DarkVale in an attempt to distance the Lands from the Fallen Lord Pheelyks Killishandra.

Duchy of Trellear:

Barony of DarkVale

Lord Kalinar LeQuellan

Barony of DrakeMyre

Lord Arainyn LightFoot

Barony of MistDale

Lord Dylan MacAllister

Barony of StoneHelm

Lady Rennyn Alora



Duke of Trellear

Lord Aurelius Durenthal