What do I need to bring?


The most important item needed is a pleasant, courteous, and respectful personality toward others.
  • Membership with any NERO chapter – Players generally purchase a membership at the local chapter they will play most at, or the chapter they prefer to administer their records or any other number of reasons. Having a NERO membership at one chapter allows attendance at all other NERO chapters.
  • Rulebook Knowledge – Every NERO member should know and adhere to the rules. Read the Rules thoroughly, and be a great player. You can find a digital copy of the rules on our site.
  • Bedding – Camp Wokanda has bed with mattresses, but you will still need to bring blankets or a sleeping bag and a pillow if your inclined.
  • Clothing – Bring a extra change of clothes, as walking around in the forest, and sometimes running can become a bit messy. Also bring clothes which are appropriate to the season.
  • Toiletries – A good set of bathing amenities, the campground does have bathrooms and showers.
  • Medieval/Fantasy Costuming – Clothing that “represents” your character to the players. New Players may be able to borrow clothing from NPC Camp, but the selection is limited and subject to availability.

In addition upon first checking in, a New Player, is require to sign a wavier of liability for the Chapter and the Campground. Both documents can be found below.