NERO Rules and Errata

NERO Nexus uses the 8th Edition Rules for the 2011 Season.

To download the rules in pdf format. Click the document to the right..

NERO International Play-tests Used in Nexus

NERO Nexus uses the following National Approved Playtests. No other National Playtest will be allowed.


  • NERO Formal Cantrips v4.1
  • Base 5 Damage / Healing v1.2
  • Base 5 Alchemy v1.2
  • Critical Parry Modification v1.0
  • Critical Slay / Assassinate Modification v1.0
  • Stop Thrust v1.0
  • Additional Spells (Volume 1) v1.0
  • Resurrection Modification v1.1
  • Racial Skills v1.0
  • Archery Aura v1.0
  • Blade Fury v1.0
  • Carrier Attack v1.1
  • Damage Types v1.1
  • Modified Detect Magic Spell v1.0
  • New Character Rebuild v1.1
  • Return v1.2
  • New Player Death v1.0
  • Physical Attacks v1.0
  • Spell Crossover v1.0
  • Limited Reset v1.0
  • Staff Thrust v1.0
  • Magic Spells Volume 2
  • Dexterity Armor
  • Smithing Playtest
  • Alternative Lockpicking System v1.1


Local Additions

The following are additional effects and possibilities in NERO Nexus.
In no way do these additions change, alter or remove any NERO rule or playtest.
These additions are designed to complement the NERO system.
You may download these documents to the right.

  • Cast-on-the-Fly spells
  • Formal Bead Draw System v1.2
  • Workshop: Research v2.0