NERO Nexus conforms with the 9th edition rules, policies and playtests.
Some additional guidelines exist due to site issues, logisitic issues and/or player accomidations.
All rules are in an effort to make the game more safe and enjoyable for all.

NERO Nexus reserves the right to modify this list at any time.
2011 Policies

Special Effects & Lighting Disclaimer
  • This disclaimer is to inform all players, visitors, observers and those taking any part in the event that the NERO Staff may at different times, for the benefit of added effect and amusement, utilize black-light, strobe light, flash lighting, fog effects, wind effects, and various “special effects” in and among the storylines/plot presented. If you as an individual are allergic, adversely affected as per epilepsy, or bothered in any way by any of the above, it is your responsibility to identify the situation and remove yourself from it. We encourage you to alert our staff of any conditions that apply, so that we have the opportunity to alert you to any instances where we know you may encounter one of these special effects.

Right of Refusal
  • NERO Nexus Staff reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason, with the exception of by reason of racial, ethnic, sexual, or physical discrimination.

Traveling Players
  • Any players traveling to Nero Nexus should request that their character sheets be sent to NERO Nexus at least two days prior to the event or bring (2) official hard copies of their character sheet to check-in. We do not have internet access at the camp site.

Checking-in & Transferability of Items
  • Each player must check-in at Logistics and they must bring all magic item tags to be examined and approved. Formal Magic scrolls do not need to be checked-in at Logistics; they will be approved at the time of use, as will Formal Magic components.

    NERO Nexus accepts all out of chapter tags if they are Unrestricted and if they have the appropriate phys-reps required for them.

    Midwest Regional Items which conform to our active play-tests will be reviewed and if approved may be checked in as Unrestricted items thereafter.

    LCO items/ transforms/ production/ components from other chapters may not be used in NERO Nexus as these tags are intended for use only in the issuing chapter.

    NERO Nexus will examine any tags issued by the now defunct NERO Midwest chapter and will re-tag the item if it is deemed to be valid. NERO Nexus reserves the right to retag these items to conform to the rules.

Counterfeit Tags (cheating)
  • NERO Nexus reserves the right to examine all out-of-chapter items used in our game. If the validity of such items is questionable NERO Nexus will refuse its use and such items may be confiscated at the discretion of the General Manager and/or NERO Nexus Owners. If such items are confiscated, the issuing chapter will be contacted for resolution as quickly as possible. If the validity of the items can be confirmed, they will be returned to the player from whom they were confiscated (but still might not be usable here).

    This policy is in place to protect and preserve the legitimacy of properly issued and created treasure. Counterfeiting is a serious offence and any player caught will immediately have those items confiscated and they will be banned from NERO Nexus, as well as reported to other local area chapters and NERO International regarding the matter. We hope that we never need to exorcize these rights, but they are in place should the situation arise.

Item Phys-Reps
  • Per the rulebook, all players must rep all production items, spell books, cantrip tomes, and magic items. All scrolls must be at least 4”x6” in size; alchemy, potions, traps, armor and weapons carried on a character must always be accompanied by an appropriate phys-rep for the item.

Weapon Construction
  • NERO Nexus allows standard boffer weapon construction, but will also allow players to use ultra-light weapons." These weapons will be checked at check-in just like any other weapon and will be "failed" if found to be unsafe.

    If NERO Nexus finds that the use of ultra-lights is causing too many issues of machine-gunning then we will reconsider allowing them, so please continue to abide by combat rules when using these weapons. NERO Nexus has the right to change this policy at anytime, as they see fit.

Transform Policy
  • NERO Nexus will allow players to check in their Transforms at Logistics. That player will be provided with an appropriate stat card as determined by the Head of Plot. All Transforms are determined on a case-by-case basis and the decision of the Head of Plot is final. The only person able to check-in a transform and provide stat card for a player is the Head of Plot. If the Head of Plot is not available, contact the NERO Nexus Owners. This can be done at the event or by sending an email to plot@neronexus.com one week before the event. As a general policy, you will be provided with a stat card that gives Tier 0 (always active) and Tier 1 (activation required) stats and physical description, and you will be informed as to how that specific transform works in NERO Nexus. You must check-in your Transform at each event and your stats may be changed from event-to-event.

    If for some reason you lose your stat card, you will not be issued a new one. No part of your Transform can be active (or activated) if you do not have an official stat card. The stat card is out-of-game and cannot be stolen.

    The Head of Plot is Hoss Perignon.

Right of Refusal
  • NERO Nexus Staff reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason, with the exception of by reason of racial, ethnic, sexual, or physical discrimination.

Auto Memory
  • All stones that represent a successful resurrection of the character are also memory stones. This means that that the character retains all memories up to the point they died. All stones that represent a failed resurrection (permanent death) are also not memory stones. This means that the character will not remember the last 30 minutes before death.

Battle Board
  • NERO Nexus uses the Battle Board tracking system. This system replaces tags for spells, daily skills and daily magic item effects (cloaks & banes, etc). It is the expectation of Nexus Staff and the responsibility of players that they keep these tracking sheets up to date after every module, town encounter, and whenever any other time would provide for them. Occasionally, Nexus staff members may ask to see your Battle Board to ensure that the system is working effectively and players are being responsible in keeping these forms updated.

    If you are found to repeatedly violate this rule you will be issued a yellow card.

  • NERO Nexus is using the cast-on-the-fly system for spells. Players do not need to memorize spells or carry their spellbook to gain this benefit. Players that abuse this policy will be issued a yellow card and might have this ability removed and be forced to memorize spells.

Non-Standard Effects
  • NERO Nexus may use non-standard effects from time-to-time. If you are involved in any plot or modules that uses non-standard effects, you will be notified of them ahead of time. If you do not wish to be involved with non-standard effects please advise the Marshal and you will be allowed to step away. You must make this choice when you are informed about the non-standard effects. If you have any question about non-standard effects for the event ask at logistics during check-in.

Floating Reset
  • Logistical Reset may take place anytime within 2 hours before or after actual reset times (5am-8am and 5pm-8pm).

    At no time may reset be taken while on a module or encounter unless approved directly from an owner of NERO Nexus or the General Manager prior to execution of the module or encounter.

Marshal Notes
  • Each cabin must have a Marshal Notes filled out and placed in the proper pouch near the door. Each cabin is responsible for ensuring that the proper information is on the Marshal Notes. If the information changes, these notes must be updated as soon as time allows. This form is available in Logistics.

Bored at the Event?
  • If for some reason you have done nothing for several hours, due to no lack of trying on your part, you should first seek out the General Manager (OOG: Jason Mote, IG: Baron Dylan MacAllister) before going to Monster Camp. If you are not able to find the GM, then please send one person to Monster Camp and seek out any Plot Team Member you may find there, and let them know. We will do our very best to get you involved. If you do not tell someone on staff that there is a problem, we cannot fix it!

Camp Cleanliness
  • Clean up after yourself. Pick up all of your garbage and all the garbage within 30 feet of your cabin (this includes spell packets). We must ensure that the camp is clean before you leave so that we are allowed to continue to use the camp. If the cabin you were assigned to (even if you were not sleeping there) is dirty, each person may be charged $10 fee. While we would not enjoy doing that, we are also not your maid service or your parents, so do everyone a favor and clean up after yourself!

New Player Recruitment
  • NERO Nexus encourages its players to go out and actively recruit others to share in the NERO experience. In order to promote this, NERO Nexus will reward someone bringing a new player to our game will get 100 goblin points. If that new player returns to NERO Nexus, at their third event at NERO Nexus as a PC within a year after joining, the person responsible for recruiting them will get a $15 discount and another 200 goblin points. First-time players will also get the following benefits for joining and paying the Membership Fee:

    Membership Fees for 2011 will be only $20 (normally $25)
    Play first NERO Nexus event for FREE!
    400 Goblin Points which will be automatically applied to your character once per week for the next eight weeks (50 Goblin Points each blanket).
    FREE! NERO ® Plot Submission, small: “Character History” if you turn in a detailed character history for your character. The write-up should be between 250 - 1000 words in length and this must be submitted within one month of your first event – This is worth one-blanket.

Renewing Your Membership
  • Existing NERO Nexus players that renew their yearly membership again with us will only pay $10 (versus $25) and will also get a bonus of 400 Goblin Points.